Friday, November 25, 2005

Grand Canyon

Bruno enjoys the fireplace (center floor) at Hermit's Rest, a fave spot of his at the Grand Canyon

Bruno makes friends with the locals. This local keeps his distance. Bruno is intimidating sometimes. After all, he IS a body guard.

Monument Valley

View from the Navajo Tribal Park

At John Ford's Point

At Gouldings Lodge every room has a view.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Leslie from Bruno and family

Bruno Valle Grande New Mexico

Humpty Dumpty and Bruno in New Zealand

Friday, November 11, 2005

Maria's in Santa Fe with Leza

Leza the lawyer flew in today from Washington D.C. Bruno took her out to dinner and she took to him immediately. She just GETS him. Margaritas at Maria's and blue corn enchiladas were the fare tonight in Santa Fe. Tomorrow Bruno is looking forward to seeing the mystical stairway at the chapel at Loretto. He's a quiet one but you can tell he's having fun.

Bruno has lots of travels to share. Stop back in and check out all the ancient ruins he went to recently.

Bruno down under

Bruno departed the Ice on a C17 in late August 2005 after many long months of darkness and no freshies. After McMurdo, he enjoyed travel in the South Island of New Zealand. Mostly he stayed in Christchurch. Among the many, many places he went was Kaikoura to see the seals. He went to Dunedin and stayed at Billie Brown's Backpackers. He took long drives in the beautiful country where sheep grazed and ocean waves crashed. It was an amazing month in New Zealand and he longs to go back. Kia Ora.